Monday, July 27, 2009

Obama Effect

We often heard the adage, 'Leave the past behind and focus on the future' because we can never change what has already happened. Truly, we can never change the past; it will be forever etched in history, whether they're good or they're bad. Apparently, we can relive it and repeat it by commemorating and celebrating memorable moments, or even adapting the past's ways of living either some of it or all of it.

After the historical election of the first Black-American president, Barack Obama, people not only turned their focus on what he can do, but what his spouse can do also. 2009 was welcomed by the emergence of the newest fashion icon, no other than President Obama's first lady herself, Michelle Obama. She became the focus of fashion critics at the beginning of the year. She created a fashion statement of wearing trendy outfits, particularly the one-shouldered dress: a reminiscent of the ancient Greece's chiton. Designers like Ralph Lauren had made similar styles like the Leighton and One-Shouldered dress he introduced.

Michelle Obama at the Inauguration Ball

Michelle Obama at the Inauguration Ceremony

Obama relived the fashion style of the past and make it her own, now popularly labelled as the 'Obama Effect'. Fashion designers adapted the style and enhanced it by putting ruffles, braids, and other elaborative additions, and extended it to become the style of other types of clothing: from dress to swim wear, night wear, and evening wedding dresses.

One-shouldered dress creates a sexy and glamorous classic impression to modern fashion. The year could be a continuation, if not a novelty, of self-owned fashion. The economic recession emphasized the need of economizing consumption for self-expressive styles and setting aside striking and fancy outfits. Obama strengthened the trend and opened doors for fashion designers to create styles for ownership.

Other emerging styles include emphasis on light colors. By that, Obama again sported the trend with her yellow coat and dress during the Presidential Inauguration Ceremony, another inclusion to her 'Effect'. Light colors add a strong feeling of positivity and strength. Since the first lady had worn it during spring season, we could say that her outfit symbolizes a new beginning, hope. A perfect statement for the beginning of her husband's term of office.

Ralph Lauren Leighton Dress

Ralph Lauren One-Shouldered Jersey Dress

Overall, the emerging style of the year is style of ownership, a style that creates a statement on its own, unique from others, regardless of the wearer's race, skin color, and the like. And even the cost. Obama led that outgrowth and was proven a success, and may even last longer than we would think.

No matter the improvement or change in style it's important that we own what we wear and be able to carry it without doubts and insecurities. Previous fashion are proven to be not left behind. They often serve a necessary role in contemporary styling, making designs more glamorous and elegant.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Glamour at the Premiere: Emma Watson

Many Harry Potter fans were frustrated about the news that the latest installment of the well-loved novel series of J K Rowling was delayed and won't be seen until first quarter of 2009. Well, the long wait was over and we finally got a glimpse of the celebrated movie, which apparently did well in the box office at its first few days.

Prior to the worldwide release, stellar casts swarmed both the London and New York premiere, dressed all in their glamorous outfits and meet fans and reporters alike. The three protagonists, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson, stole the limelight and the show to promote the movie and exhibit fashion delight at their best. Nothing could be more stunning than the Muggle-witch Hermione Granger who not only sport a mature look but also got out of the closet of girlhood to welcome womanhood.

At the London premiere the stars were welcomed with not only eager fans but a soaking wet rain which could've ruined the elegance of their looks. They've braved enough dangers with their alter-egos in the film, and it wouldn't be a surprise that they also mustered themselves and mind not the rain. Emma Watson, in particular, took most of the focus while posing like a woman in a painting, sporting an umbrella, and was able to remain steady and confident. She, like most of the Potter actors, wore a white ribbon in memory of Rob Knox who was stabbed few days after shooting ends.

Daniel Radcliffe could be the star of the film, but at the red carpet Emma's the star. Changes are apparent particularly in terms of looks and age. She's now a young woman who could be the next top model of the generation, model of prominent designers like Armani, Ralph Lauren, or Monique Lhuillier. Would definitely want to see her wearing any of these designers' works either in the movies, fashion magazines, or, for that matter, cat walk.

Nothing more's less delightful and elegant during the New York premiere for Emma. Again, she's the rising star with the nice white skirt and loosed hair. Even Radcliffe looked so little, considering he's 5ft 8in tall and Emma's only 5ft 6in. I'm afraid he looked more stuffed and seems that what he's wearing turns out to be a costume than on what he was in the London premiere, which was nice and manly.

Emma would definitely reach the heights of fashion stardom. After the Potter saga, she'd possibly have model opportunities and movies in which she'll exhibit the glamour of fashion designing.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Green Thing.... Welcome to Fashion Vista

Hello Fashion advocates, slaves, worshipers, etc. Let me introduce you to this newest blog about the author's views about the latest and not-so latest trends in fashion and design. Here we'll talk about fashion preferences and style for both kids and adults alike. To start with, here's a first roll of "vista" for you reader

They say that coolness of life is reflected by nature, and when we feel coolness we are comforted. That's how most of us view nature and the colors it inhabit, especially when you look at groups of it while your eyes are filled with peace and ease. You feel clean, fresh, and happy.

Simplicity could be the equal of fresh and clean, whether in preference, style, or fashion. The green fashion style being promoted by fashion experts and designers elevates and revives the importance of simple and clean looks.

More consumers are inclined to green fashion, with green fashion we mean not only about clothing but also buying less but reasonable, that's why it's good to know that top fashion designers consider the green campaign in their style. One particular designer, Ralph Lauren, offers variety of eco-friendly designs.The green color is basically an earth color, so aside from green, fashion designers incorporated the once infamous designs and produce innovative creations with simple yet elegant to consum
ers’ taste and a less burden to pockets. had this green anthem called “reduce, reuse, and recycle”. Basically, it pertains to making new things out of old ones with less spending but producing same quality with that of new and expensive ones.

The need of becoming green especially today thrives not only in fashion but also on one's lifestyle. Models had done enough campaigns on promoting eco-friendly tastes to lessen the threats of global warming and other nature-related hazards. Recycling not only on household activities but also on clothing is recommended to diminish large productions of earth-materials used in manufacturing.

Even web bloggers and other publication firms are taking part of the campaign by relating to their readers that “green is the new black”, and “earth can be saved—in style”. Comprehensive reviews and information especially online help in promoting the good cause of “healing the world” to maintain clean and fresh life gain wide variety of readers worldwide. In addition, social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace, which apparently the most visited sites in the Web, produce high-levels of awareness and cooperation to spread the green disease.

Green campaign, since it started has been a longtime advocate of life. By the means of fashion, technology, and media, the once advocacy by the late Michael Jackson and his fellow entertainers extends its height to a more in depth status. The campaign is a lifetime advocacy. It will continue to exist to maintain healthy, clean, and fresh environment and lifestyle among people and the next generation to come. Now, that’s a green thing.